Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The re invention has finally kicked off!! Started with some flashy new clothes that I absolutely adore. Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures soon :) then came the new tattoo which I couldn't be more pleased with. Only more fun things to come! My attitude has definitely been getting better as well...I seem to be more happy with myself recently on my outlook towards life. Although that may be changing for the good some things are changing for the worse. School lately hasn't been a priority and it really should be. I need to keep my grades up and attendance is a big part of that. Also, I'm realizing some things about myself which really make me re evaluate my respect for myself. I've realized I really don't have any. I have zero respect for myself and that's a very hard thing to come to terms with. Throughout the last year or so I've really just been all about making others happy no matter what I have to do to myself or even to the ones I care most about. I've really just degraded myself into what I've always looked down upon. That is the next part of my re invention that I'll be working the hardest on. I need to learn that just because something is available and easily accessible doesn't mean I need to take part. It may be fun but in the long run when I look back on it it's really something that I don't want to be known for. I refuse to be seen as easy or a joke because I know I'm better than that but I haven't been proving that so from now on I need to stick by this idea that I'm better than who you think I am.

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