Saturday, February 6, 2010


So the plans of shopping were short lived. I took one step out side and stepped right back inside. Not only was it freezing it was windy. VERY windy. This only made me realize that my apartment hunting should take place in areas more southern. North Carolina? New Mexico? or maybe somewhere across the pond like I've dreamed of forever. Italia is my first choice :)but Australia is an insanely close second. If only things like apartments came for $100 a month so I could not only pay for rent easily but I could buy the things I need for my constantly changing appearance. Mmm..That sounds absolutely lovely. As of now..I'm stuck in a 9'x13' closet of a room in my parents house and it's beyond bothersome. I've begun to hate the life I live here. I do love the friends I have and the closeness of my extended family but this environment is smothering me. I need to live, to explore, and experience life the way I've always imagined it. I want to be able to look back on my life when I'm older and not regret anything; Know that I lived life to the fullest and if I made mistakes well that's a part of life and it can't make or break me. So has been ordinary. I want extraordinary.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Oh what I would give to have a sexy, bad boy who was completely fond of me and everything I'm about. Although I'm still young I seemed to have lost all hope for finding the right guy. It may be the fact that I'm utterly terrified to get my heart broken that is keeping me from opening up even the slightest bit to any boy that crosses my path. This will definitely be something I have to work on through out my re-invention. My personality really has to be kick ass because yes I may be "pretty" but there are women who make my looks seem well...awfully ordinary and plain. Women who are the package deal...looks and personalities people would kill for. Tomorrow starts the "New Look" portion of my re-invention after I finish some things around the house I'm going shopping. Some retail therapy is definitely necessary.I've decided I'm going for quality not quantity. A few expensive pieces that are worth the extra $$ instead of a ton of cheap shit that I'll wear once or twice then end up throwing it out because of tearing or shrinking. Don't get me wrong little cheap things do sometimes make a fabulous wardrobe but I'm looking for a lasting wardrobe made of classics that will last me years. But of course I must throw in a few trendy pieces here and there to spice up the classics. I'll be sure to post photos of the purchases made tomorrow but has come time to dream. Goodnight lovelies.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


So...This is nothing new. I'm awake at 4am. This usually doesn't bother me because my sleep schedule has been fucked since 8th grade but's bothering me. I have annoying kids having pointless conversations with me which is not what I'm looking for at 4am. The only thing that's keeping me sane right now is Chelsea Lately. She is too funny. Oh how I would love to go to one of her live shows. But in a half hour the infomercials will start...JOY. Who doesn't want to watch 3-5 consecutive hours of people trying to sell things like "The Nu Wave Oven"(microwave) or "The In-Styler"(curling iron) and of course my personal favorite "The Magic Bullet" which they make out to be the coolest new kitchen's a's just half the size and twice the price ;) Most people will never see these new gadgets because they only play infomercials at 4am when majority of people are sleeping...such a shame. I LOVE INSOMNIA. Being awake for hours upon hours only leaves time to think...Thinking for me only leads to bad things but tonight has really only been filled with positive thoughts like how much I absolutely love my best friend Katzia and how excited I am to travel the world with her. We deserve our own reality show. It would be a hit for sure. Who wouldn't love to watch 2 gorgeous cousins travel the world with no plans no money only desires and guts. I think I'll write a letter to some chichi television studio and pitch the idea. Who knows it could be the next uber successful reality show. Well it's time for me to put down the laptop and maybe sleep? doubtful..especially since I have a big box of nerds with my name on it ;) Goodnighty



One is programmed to desire a perfect outlook. You meet new people everyday and you want first impressions to be everlasting. You want jaws to drop and heads to turn. There are only a few questions left to answer...What is the "perfect" appearance? and...How does one acquire it? Over the next few weeks..maybe months I plan to completely re-invent myself. New look, new attitude, and most importantly new outlook on life. You only live once and I plan on making the rest of my life the best it can be. How? traveling. tattooing.eliminating people from my life that only bring stress.and being happy with who I am and not changing for anyone. This blog is going to follow my train of thoughts through out this whole renewal and I'm sure it will be all over the place so...try to keep up.