Friday, March 19, 2010

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Music has been the BEST outlet lately. I've been downloading all different genre's. Just about anything that I'll get into and not be afraid to rock out to. I must say I'm quite notorious for being that girl loudly singing and dancing in my car every single time I get in it. I must thank my sister for that. She got me the Ipod port for my you Jackie <3 My latest favorites have been Linkin Park, Regina Spektor, Alanis Morissette, Flyleaf, 30 Seconds to Mars and of course my best friends band We Love Radio. And you can always count on me to scream along with any of the screamo parts in Linkin's, Flyleaf's, or 30 seconds to mars' songs...those are my favorite. This week was pretty good. Weather was stellar so that always makes school a little hard but that's one great thing about college you get to walk outside alot. I went shopping and got a few killer items that eventually I will post. Taking pictures has been kinda pushed back due to the excess of work and school and family get togethers. Just want to thank all of you that follow my blog!! I must say I was super stoked to see that I actually had followers and that you actually like my blog!! Love you all! Goodnight Lovelies.

Monday, March 15, 2010


I just recently rented the movie Wanted well needless to say...Angelina Jolie may be the sexiest natural woman I've ever seen. This movie made me realize that not only is she painfully gorgeous she is an insanely talented actress. How she juggles her immense family and her stellar career is beyond me. She truly is an amazing role model. Even though sometimes her looks make it simply impossible to see yourself as beautiful! But just so you all know...To you, you may not be beautiful but being yourself and confident...will make everyone around you think you are just as gorgeous and Ms. Jolie if not more exquisite. Goodnight beauties.


We all know it happens. But we still ask why. My friend Charlotte's mom dropped dead of a heart attack this morning. Charlotte was in school. Shes a Junior in high school she has 2 older sisters one is 21, Bridgette and the other 23, Gretchen. Their mother seemed to be totally healthy until she dropped of a heart attack and couldn't be revived. How can you pull your 17 year old daughter out of school calmly when you have to tell her that she will never be able to see her mother again. All of Bridgette's friends were on spring break...they got the call. They flew back to NY as soon as humanly possible. I can't even express the horror and anguish I feel for these girls. RIP. 3.15.10
Let your prayers go out to their family.


I found my wedding dress and my reception all I need to find is someone to marry!!! aka I need an older man who's ready to settle down...LOL

Sunday, March 14, 2010


So it looks like the days of crying have maybe payed off? I had a long talk with my Dad about how I really am sorry about betraying their trust. I also told him how it absolutely tore me apart that I couldn't see my friends band play at Webster hall on Saturday. Well my Dad really has a soft spot for friendships so I am now allowed to go : ) I've gone to every one of their shows and they are absolutely amazing. Check them out!! We Love Radio...they're on you tube, myspace and now Itunes!! cabin fever will hopefully dissipate over the week and through the weekend. But now that I have a big event coming up that means one thing..and one thing only. Shopping.Spree. I need at LEAST one new outfit to wear on Saturday. We Love Radio also has another show on Sunday which I will be attending @ the Crazy Donkey in farmingdale if you live nearby check it out! You won't be disappointed :)