Friday, February 12, 2010


So...I've been very lax on the whole "re invention." Exactly what I didn't want to happen..Tomorrow starts the new look. Next week starts the whole "saving money" part probably the most crucial part considering I have tons of traveling, shopping, and moving out plans. I've figured out the true reason to this idea of re invention...I've just gotten sick of making everyone else around me happy instead of myself. So I'm going to start being a little selfish and doing things for me. Sorry mom and dad because I know I'm going to be doing things you completely disapprove of but I'm just working towards making me happy. My one life is gonna start getting better right now. I'm going to put money aside for 5 different things. 1. Traveling (where most of my money will go) 2. Apartment 3. New Car 4. Tattoo's and shopping ;) and 5. Long board and new guitar..I guess this is the same thing as "shopping" but shopping I can wait to do...I need a long board by summer especially if I end up going to Cali and Maine for a while. I know those places are 2 different coasts, and well...just completely different all together but I don't really plan on driving much while I'm in either place so I have to have some kind of wheels ;) so the whole gist of this post is...I'm saying fuck everyone else I'm making me happy for once.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


He will live on. No one makes designing clothing into an art form the way McQueen does, the world lost a true artist. My heart breaks for him..He was truly one of the most remarkable designers the fashion world has ever seen. Rest is Peace Lee Alexander McQueen.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So it's been snowing for the past 6 hours and there is only another 14 hours ahead! Being snowed in isn't very fun. It gets lonely quick. And boring. I can only watch so many movies...I tried being active and productive and that failed miserably, I tried making my bed and I ended up just getting in it again. My legs are all tingly and my bum is numb. What's the fun of having a snow day if you can't see anyone or go anywhere. I just want to go snowmobiling, snowboarding or ice skating. But considering my car is buried underneath about 13 inches of snow... I don't really think going somewhere is in my best interest. Oh well...hopefully this day will go by fast and everyone can go back to reality tomorrow.