Sunday, May 9, 2010


Usually...when one enters any sort of relationship...there are flaws even if we choose to look past them. We try to change our ways to mold around this new person. When I met him..I knew there were flaws but I didn't change and he didn't seem to mind. We just had fun together, I thought of nothing else but him when we were together and that alone was a little but of heaven...just being able to escape the everyday brainstorms. So this boy..he became an escape and I loved every second of it. Everything from the way he smelt to his embrace drew me in like a moth to a flame. He seemed interested in me and he sure knew how to keep me interested. So why is it now that we haven't talked in a little over a week and I'm in need of my escape. It's like I need my fix. It's ridiculous how different our feelings are towards each other. I'm not in love...I may like him but mostly I like how I could be myself around him and his friends and I just fit. They had their own quirks and what I like to call "weirdism's" Even if nothing was to become of us relationship wise I would love to be friends with him just to be around him and his lax attitude. It's almost freeing