Monday, May 17, 2010


I've gotten bored again. I no longer want to change my hair or clothes or makeup...I'm strictly all about piercings and tattoos to my parents dismay. My last fix lasted about 2 weeks. I now need more! I don't know whether I should get my next tattoo or another piercing. I've planned out my next 4 tattoo's and my next 5 piercings. All this is lovely but there seems to be a problem...a big problem. My financial state leaves me at a sort of standstill with my tats and piercings. Although they may not cost too much, any amount of money right now is too much considering I owe my parents upward towards $300 and my income seems to be getting lower and lower due to the fact that the woman I nanny for has been "missing her children" so she needs to stay home with them more. Would someone like to inform me of a way I could make lots of money fast and in a fun way?? If anyone has any ideas please let me know and if any of your ideas work I would owe you my life <3 life lately hasn't been much of anything. I've gotten myself into habits I used to think were terrible now I just think they're my way of life. I need constant excitement to stay content and there hasn't been much excitement which is leaving me antsy and craving for a change. Me thinks it's time for a road trip? I just came back from a weekend at University of Delaware visiting my friend and it was tons of fun but apparently it didn't fulfill my craving for adventure and craziness. What I need most right now is a full tank of gas, a road map to nowhere, a few blunts and my best friend. Perfect summer waiting to happen.

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