Sunday, March 14, 2010


So it looks like the days of crying have maybe payed off? I had a long talk with my Dad about how I really am sorry about betraying their trust. I also told him how it absolutely tore me apart that I couldn't see my friends band play at Webster hall on Saturday. Well my Dad really has a soft spot for friendships so I am now allowed to go : ) I've gone to every one of their shows and they are absolutely amazing. Check them out!! We Love Radio...they're on you tube, myspace and now Itunes!! cabin fever will hopefully dissipate over the week and through the weekend. But now that I have a big event coming up that means one thing..and one thing only. Shopping.Spree. I need at LEAST one new outfit to wear on Saturday. We Love Radio also has another show on Sunday which I will be attending @ the Crazy Donkey in farmingdale if you live nearby check it out! You won't be disappointed :)

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